How DO I Do It?

I have people look at me with bug-eyed horror or disbelief when I tell them I’m teaching again, even though my baby is a month and a half old. Well, it’s real tough. I get up on Wednesday morning, I feed my munchkin, I hand him over to my sister, and leave to teach. (leaving the diaper changing, burping and care up to her..hehehehehe…) I then come back home at lunch time and feed my little man again and all is back to the way it was. It’s not that I don’t love or think about my child.

I understand that it is hard to leave your baby (Even for a morning) in the care of some person while you go off and work. It is actually heartbreaking for those people who do work all the time and have to hand their kids off, day in and day out, to strangers at a daycare. A friend of mine was married, pregnant, had a toddler, worked two jobs, and was finishing up her college degree in business. Now juggling all that is what I call winning at life. That is what I would find hard. But for one morning? Naw. He will live. (I hope…)

So, thats how I accomplished a rather little, insignificant thing in life. YAY me!


Who does Edmund look like…?

Well, I still am not certain which parent our dear Edmund looks more like. I have heard many explanations concerning both sides. Well, here is a picture of both of us and a picture of him. I think you can see the answer for yourselves.



No? Not so obvious you say? Well, I suppose I can understand how you feel. I feel the same most days. Edmund always keeps me guessing in this department. Who DOES he look more like? Well, I suppose I’m comparing big with little. Let me go back a ways.

Here is me as a little child.



IMG_0525 copy.jpg

Here is Matthew:




And Edmund:




If you are still not sure, maybe having it all lined up will help.







My Grandma recently sent me a picture of my father as a baby. Edmund doesn’t have to look like us, but like my or Matthew’s parents, I suppose.


Yeah, I’m not sure that was helpful.

How about a car seat shot?





Oh bummer. No car seat shot of me. Mom??? Did I just bounce around in the back somewhere on the way home from the hospital?

Well, no worries. At least I now know why I turned out the way I did. Guhuhahahuhhahuh… 

IMG_9995 copy.jpg

Immortalizing family…

Well, I finally have a fourth generation photo! I thought they turned out rather well, to be honest. It was really nice to have my Granny over for a visit. She absolutely adores Edmund and thinks he is quite cute. (I think the fact that he smiled every time she held him or would look into his car seat helped quite a bit in the cuteness department.)

My mother came as well and was offered the customary smiles we now come to treasure! I’m so glad he is smiling. If my heart didn’t melt already with knowing that he is mine, it certainly couldn’t resist more of Edmund’s charm. I try to encourage it as much as possible.

The sad thing about smiles though, is that you don’t know when they are coming, and you don’t know when they will leave. Often times, when he is giving me one of his wide grins, by the time I grab my phone and get it to the right place, the smile is gone and a look of serious contemplation takes its place. However, I still keep trying. (But one can only watch like a hawk for him to pander to my wishes for so long.) He apparently wants the world to know his opinion of my taking pictures of him all the time.

But one soldiers on…

A Night of Mystery…

When it comes to planning parties, I am usually quite proficient. They aren’t grand or fantastic by any means. However, they are fun and people usually enjoy them. However, a baby changes things when it comes to the proficient part. When people say a baby takes half of your brain, they weren’t kidding. But what I still haven’t come to terms with is simplifying down life and thus making it so there is not so much to forget. Well, for the Night of Mystery Party I hosted, there were a lot if forgotten things.

I forgot the chicken for the Alfredo.

Someone forgot a salad they were to bring.

I forgot to put a speech in someone’s envelope.

And I accidently forgot I am a mom with a breastfed baby and wore a dress that you couldn’t feed in without completely taking it off.

And yet the party was a smashing success. In spite of all of my blunders, no one cared. The people were there, not for me, or for salad and chicken or for a perfect party. They where there for my friends birthday. It really is the people that make the party. We all had a marvelous time.

I especially loved how people dressed up and acted. The theme was 40’s wedding. I think it is rather wierd to act in real time. But it is also rather fun and exciting. This might be the first mystery night of many, but I’m glad the first was for a special occasion and that such gracious and fun people were invited.


If it wasn’t for Aunty…

Carolyn, my sister, has been a huge blessing to the family. Not only does she babysit for free, but she also takes those opportunities to photograph the little munchkin. This past time she was here she even made her own set and got baby to smile and pose throughout the day while I was away teaching.

I am not much of a photographer. I am actually not the one who usually thinks to take a picture. However, in recent years, I have become sentimental and soppy in my old, old  age. I realize, looking back on how little photos I have of certain parts of my life, how important it is to take pictures so you can go back and remember. There is no time like the present to take a photo of yourself and those around you to see what you all look like in this time of life. Everyone changes.

Therefore, I am quite happy that there is someone other than myself to make sure that Edmund doesn’t grow up and suddenly I wish I had more pictures of when he was little. Already he is no longer new-bornish. Not that I think they would sell him liquor without asking for an ID, but he certainly looks on the older side of 1 month. How much more will he change in the next couple of months. Well, with my dear sister around, I’ll be able to go back and check. I love looking back and seeing how people were back in the day.

I had a guest over here the other day holding Edmund. I tried to take a couple of pictures of them together before she caught me and told me to stop taking her picture. This actually made me think a little bit about the power of pictures. I know many family members who hate having their picture taken. However, they don’t realize that the picture isn’t for them, its for the people who want to remember them.

Just think about this when you put up your hand because you think you don’t look good enough to have a photo taken. You are depriving others the joy of remembering you in that time. I am quite guilty of not wanting to take pictures at times because I certainly was not ready for it. The vanity struggle is real. I might not have makeup on. I might be wearing unflattering clothing. I might not be at my ideal weight. However, for the person taking the picture, it doesn’t really matter.  What if my Granny wouldn’t let me take a picture of her, Mom,  Edmund, and myself because she didn’t like that her hair is growing thin? It means that I am going to miss out on a family opportunity of getting 4 generations in a shot because she couldn’t sacrifice her vanity. (I use her as an example because she is MORE than willing to be in a picture with her grandson and family).

Anyway, I’ll step off my little soap box now. Enjoy the pictures that Carolyn took of my precious Edmund. I shall treasure them always. And I encourage you to take the opportunity,  if you think of it, to take pictures of life around you. It won’t ever be the same again.


Edmund’s First Expotition…

When is the right time to start camping? Well, for Edmund, he started roughing it at age 1 month. Of course, I don’t mean by this we slept under a tree by night and backpacked through the mountains by day. We simply went up and visited my mom and dad for a few days while they were up at a campground near us. They brought their camper/trailer, so we stayed in there and Edmund took up residence in the bathtub. I brought along a travel bassinet that fit perfectly as a makeshift crib.

It was so nice to be up in the cold crisp mountain air! I think its nice to be able to drive hour and find yourself up where it is beautiful and quiet. I don’t think many people have that privilege. I can’t say I took long walks or any strenuous. I merely read, fed, and looked out at God’s great creation. What more can one ask for? (Oh, and I took a couple of pictures.)


My Little Listener…

Edmund doesn’t like sleep much in the day. Therefore, it doesn’t take long for him to get cranky about having to go to sleep. And, boy, if he knows his little eyelids are closing he will keep them open as long as he possibly can. So it takes skill to finally lull him to the shores of blissful slumber. (He does sleep though, thankfully.Everyone is cranky without enough sleep.)

This means, though, that I don’t get much done, I DO get to read a lot and play with my son. We have thus far read through two ‘Winnie -the-Pooh’ books and ‘Mr. Popper’s Penguins’. I often, when I don’t feel like he really needs a good children’s story, just read whatever I am reading at that moment. He has listened through blog posts, devotions, instructions on how to put his play-crib together, math adventure stories, and much more literature besides. I figure that while he doesn’t have the option to wiggle around and be bored, I’ll read him things I think he should read or I want to read. I’ll keep ‘Go Dog, Go’ and “Goodnight Moon” for later down the road when his attention span can’t handle a full page with no pictures.

Being an Elementary teacher, I am hoping this helps grow a love of listening. I know its silly to think that through some reading his find things, he will suddenly reach 1 year and be understanding and loving the great British authors. But, I do hope that he will develop the love of sitting and listening to my voice, and as that grows it will eventually evolve listening to my voice and story. How else can an imagination be built? I don’t think it happens by accident, but must be cultivated with the world as it is today.