Life Goes On…

Now that my son is a year and a half, I’m finally starting to feel like a mom of a child, and not a mom of a baby. I feel like there is a key difference here. With another boy on the way, Due May 21st, 2018, I have really been pondering the differences between the two stages of my life.

My main goals are very different now. When Edmund was born, the M.O. was: Keep baby clean, keep baby happy,  and keep baby alive. I was the milk machine and he was my main and very regular customer. I was the servant, he the demanding master. He couldn’t do anything for himself, so it was up to me to make my child’s life either a beautious paradise (Which I, of course, did!) or a horrid misery. But it doesn’t stay that simple.13995588_10153855762996608_7888790305312687688_o

Now, Edmund is a walking toddler with things like OPINIONS! (Gasp!), feelings other than happy and sad, and more love for his doggies than his parents sometimes. My job as a mom has shifted. When Edmund throws a fit, we have a time out and we talk about how we can be sad, but not go around throwing things and screaming. Now when he wants something, I don’t accept the wails and moans that obviously mean I’m not meeting his need fast enough for him. He must stop with the whining, say please, then wait with a good attitude for me, then say thank you afterwards. He can now walk, so I have to enforce boundaries. (Fun, fun, fun!)

xzharozht2kr1jv7jeiw.jpgWhen we have nasty hot dogs for lunch, he wants to drop them in barbecue sauce and then ketchup. And I just let that happen, because who cares? (Edmund. Edmund really cares.)

Basically, I am now trying to love, raise and disciple a growing boy.

Having very briefly seen both sides of baby/toddler parenting, one question I think of is: is one side easier than the other? I would say, not a chance. I have a one year old who I have loved since I knew he was coming to the family. But I love being a parent rather than a outright servant. I love that Edmund talks to me, has a guilty face, has opinions for himself, and responds to my love. I would say that I am not sorry at all to be here. I love this stage even though it means a ton more patience and humility than I ever imagined.

Being content where I am is a wonderful feeling. But, with the knowledge that another boy is arriving soon, also comes another question:

Am I willing to be a parent and a servant at the same time? I’m not sure I’m ready for that, but it’s coming for me. Ahhhhh!


P.S. Does it make me extremely happy that Edmund has more double chins than me in this picture? Yes. Yes it does.



It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

Merry Christmas from our Family to yours.

Christmas was wonderful this year. We were so glad to have Edmund born this time to fill in any conversational holes that might stretch on with the rellies and add to the general cuteness factor. It is safe to say that Matthew and I were by no means the center of attention, and I rather like that my baby is so admired. What can I say? Edmund is the finest thing I have ever made. 🙂

Before Christmas, C.H.E.S.S. hosted a teacher appreciation banquet. Edmund was, of course, out in style. It is kind of sad that we didn’t find more ways to show off this cute outfit before he grew to fa…large. (Edmund, dear, if you are reading this post 14 years or so, know that your mum never thought you were fat.)

We spent Christmas Eve and New Years Eve with the Aden family. It was very lovely.  Really, nothing could be more lovely than eating good food, giving presents, and playing games. Great-Grandma and Grandpa Aden gave Edmund the most adorable Santa suit.

I personally think he looks much more jolly than any old mall Santa.

Edmund is especially astute at cards. I’m sure he helped Grandpa out a lot! In addition, the fact that he is looking and not touching/chewing the cards here is quite a big deal.

Did you need another angle? I thought so.

We spent almost a whole week up with my family up in Monument.

We didn’t get many pictures of us all together but we did have fun.  I did get a picture of just us three over the New Years visit. I had just gotten my hair cut short when we took this.

New additions

I feel like that smile on Edmund’s face is pure mischief. No?

Well, that’s the end of a beautiful holiday. Onto the next post. 🙂

Walking in a Winter Wonderland…

eyesMy little chunk has seen his first snow already. The cold and wet white stuff falling down from the sky didn’t really seem to phase Edmund much at all.  He touched it and looked and looked with a lot of interest. However, posing for pics was another thing altogether. Mom and I did get some really nice photos of our snowy romp into the great outdoors.

I am so glad Edmund has his daddy’s!

In other accomplishments: Edmund can now sit up!

Though his balance is sometimes a little off, Matthew and I see him growing stronger every day. Matthew set him up on our big master bed and was surprised to see him stay up on his own. Of course, we got pictures. He seemed pretty happy with himself.


He also loves looking at pictures. (I think that is an achievement. It close to reading right? ;-))


Edmund finally rolled over on camera! Here is a cute picture of him in action!

Also, among Edmund’s many other talents, one of his favorites is sucking on scarves. He was wrapped in a black one recently that made him look like a much less menacing ring-wraith than the ones portrayed in The Lord of the Rings. I wish he could only have come earlier to try out for the part. I think he could have added a lot of depth and dramatic cuteness to the role.

Though there are no more updates I can think of at this time, I shall leave you with a little more cuteness!


Uncle Timothy and Uncle Noah. Babysitters at my service!

Thankful For….

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone. There is so much to be thankful for. Maybe changing poopy diapers, dealing with lots of Edmund’s spit up,  and doing the never ending loads of laundry wouldn’t seem likely to make the list. However, Matthew and I are choosing to look at the happy side of things. This time last year…We found out we were pregnant. 

I remember that last Thanksgiving morning I just didn’t feel like myself at all. We decided to take another test to see if that was it. (The last test was negative.) The results were very positive! I was so excited to tell EVERYONE! I texted Carolyn, who was in London with Tessa at the time, and Nicole, my good friend. Matthew stopped me after that. I agreed to tell no one else except our immediate families until we were sure that I could indeed carry life. This didn’t work out so well since I was had a hard time keeping it to myself. Everyone ended up knowing long before 12 weeks.

And now Edmund is here. He is such a happy, 4-month-old boy! I am sure Matthew and I have our work cut out for us, but I am SO happy to not be pregnant anymore. He has already rolled over, though never on camera. He is laughing more than ever and, as parents, we see it as our personal duty to make him laugh as much and as hard as possible. He especially likes being ticked by Matthew’s beard, being whizzed around like an airplane and having his feet touch his cheeks.

This Thanksgiving day was spent with Matthew’s side of the family. I tried my hand at scalloped potatoes, which turned out really well. The family played games and watched Edmund do his Edmund thing. He was awfully cute (in my humble opinion)! (Which is very biased.) I found out there was such a thing as four-way CHESS and four-way four-in-a-row. I also discovered that the Aden family (including the newest addition) are excellent grazers. There was so much amazing food that went into all of us over the course of the afternoon that I’m surprised that we all fit back through the door again. I am very thankful that time with my in-laws is very enjoyable. We surely do not lack love and support in any way! This is something to be most grateful for!

Now that thanksgiving is over, bring on to Christmas Cheer!

Thanksgiving Post

Thanksgiving Post

Thanksgiving Post

Thanksgiving Post

Thanksgiving Post

The Evolution of Changing Clothes…

I know people told me that when you become a mother you loose sleep, energy, time, and gain a lot of laundry. Well, when Edmund was a couple of days old, I was beginning to think the last item was a myth. Laundry? I could practically keep Edmund in the same outfit for days. (If I didn’t have to get through all the Newborn stuff before he grew out of it.)

However, my ideas have been a-changing. It’s only been a month and a half and I now see what the other moms were talkin’ ’bout. Now, ordinarily, it goes like so:

1. Do all the laundry, fold and put away. Man! Edmund got all sweaty in his nap blanket. Change clothes.

2.  Sweat can’t hurt him. We all perspire. Goodness Gracious! Edmund got milk all over himself when he ate. Change clothes.

3. Milk can only smell bad when it goes bad. That will take at least a day, right? Oh, My! He just spit up all over himself! That smells bad. Change clothes.

4. We aren’t going anywhere, he has 3 outfits left for the week and I don’t have time to do another load. We’ll just wipe up this little spit-up mess and move on with life. No harm done….is that pee? Bath time. Change clothes.

5. Pee is ‘technically’ sterile. He has already gone through three outfits today. Does it have poop? Okay good. Oh Dear. Explosion! *sigh* bath time and change clothes.

6. Well, it was just a spot of poo… Ahhhh! I guess blowout number 2 means Edmund gets to be free of such things like ‘clothing’ till the clothes come out of the drier.

So, for anyone who wasn’t listening to people’s advice, know it’s all true. But it doesn’t have to hurt. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Is it poop or pee? Change him (if possible).
  2. If it’s anything else-assess quantity and make judgment call. Anything livable should be left for at least 10 minutes to make sure he doesn’t have a blowout after you just finished changing him/her.

When you go out, it is much more complicated. It requires a little more thought.

  1. His shirt is soaked with spit up. Go ahead and change clothes. (Good for you! Nice job bringing extras! Also, you are only out between feedings so what else could possibly  go wrong?)
  2. Somehow, he overflowed his diaper. Change clothes back to Spit up clothes. Pee is worse than spit up, right?
  3. Explosion Express comes into the station. Change him back to other clothing. Pee is less worse than spit-up plus poop.
  4. Explosion again? Which outfit has less excrement on it? Go with that outfit.

Your welcome.

Edmund does like baths. *Notice: Even though his face is very serious, he isn’t crying and now even smiles during bath time. (Not pictured) I’m glad this isn’t torture since he seems to love exploding so much. (Or is trying to tell to me to get more absorbent diapers.)


A Birth Announcement Finally…

Well peeps,

I have finally put together a rag tag birth announcement for those that care. Maybe some day I shall look back upon it with fond affection. But for right now, I feel like it took MUCH to much effort. Just think how much more effort it would have been to print them all out, stick them into envelopes, stamp and address them. Phew. I feel tired just thinking about all that torture. Ain’t nobody got time for dat! (Well, unless you do and then more power to you.) 🙂

So, therefore, those who read this blog will be the lofty few who can see this miracle of all miracles. I hope you won’t expect it again because 1.) Edmund could very likely be an only child or 2.) I will be much to busy doing life by the time the second child falls on out. (Haha. Did you see what I did? Falls out. Thats funny right there. Hahahahaha……ha…..*goes into the bathroom and cries*)

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 10.19.00 AM.png

Edmund Mark Aden is Here….

Who would have thunk it?

I certainly was waiting for this time with baited breath. Actually, to be completely honest and truthful, I did a horrible job of waiting. A week before Edmund’s due date I was trying to do everything possible to get the little Sir out on time or sooner. Carolyn, my sister, was over almost every day helping me walk, walk, walk. I bounced on a ball, I pumped till I was sore, and even tried primrose oil and the like. (I never did try Caster Oil and I’m glad of this). However, Sir Edmund stood firm. He would not come out until he was good and ready. I guess he was good and ready on Monday 8/8/16.

I went into labor at 10:30 pm after walking, pumping and bouncing on my blue bouncy ball. (This was, of course, a week later than my actual due date). Things got hard pretty quickly and I was going to the hospital at 4:00am the next morning because my contractions were so close together. I labored at the hospital  for 14 or so more hours before finally, after slowly progressing and the bag of waters not breaking on it’s own, the midwife broke the bag with a crochet hook looking utensil. Once it was broken, I felt a whole new level of pain. (I didn’t have an epidural because I am so afraid of needles and I was sure they would do it incorrectly. My friend in England had to have several before it worked and my mother got massive headaches because they punctured the spine. NO THANK YOU!) I had horrible back labor all through, so my Doula, Paula, stood on one side and Matthew stood on the other, pushing my pelvis in so it wouldn’t feel like my back was splitting apart.

When it came to push, I was completely done. I just wanted to sleep and the pain to stop. I was so anxious to get Edmund out that I pushed as hard as I could with the contractions. (I felt the urge to push). This stressed him out and his heart rate dropped.  I had to drop on my back and push him out on my side. I forgot to breath so they made me take an oxygen mask because Edmund was not getting enough. When he finally came, I birthed his head and arm/elbow at the same time. They thought that this awkward position was why it was so hard of a labor. But after that, it was easy-peasy. They stitched me up, and got my into another room for recovery.

For me, I didn’t feel much much pain after delivery. (Or it didn’t feel like that much after being in horrible pain for 17 hours). I focused on the fact that I had just made it through and had my little boy. There really is no greater joy. I now understand why woman put themselves through the awful torture that is labor. Of course, I DON’T understand why people have two kids after they know what happens with the first one. (And I know people with 10 kids).

But that is the story. Was it painful? Yup. Was it worth it? Of course. Would I do it again? That still remains to be seen.