It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

Merry Christmas from our Family to yours.

Christmas was wonderful this year. We were so glad to have Edmund born this time to fill in any conversational holes that might stretch on with the rellies and add to the general cuteness factor. It is safe to say that Matthew and I were by no means the center of attention, and I rather like that my baby is so admired. What can I say? Edmund is the finest thing I have ever made. 🙂

Before Christmas, C.H.E.S.S. hosted a teacher appreciation banquet. Edmund was, of course, out in style. It is kind of sad that we didn’t find more ways to show off this cute outfit before he grew to fa…large. (Edmund, dear, if you are reading this post 14 years or so, know that your mum never thought you were fat.)

We spent Christmas Eve and New Years Eve with the Aden family. It was very lovely.  Really, nothing could be more lovely than eating good food, giving presents, and playing games. Great-Grandma and Grandpa Aden gave Edmund the most adorable Santa suit.

I personally think he looks much more jolly than any old mall Santa.

Edmund is especially astute at cards. I’m sure he helped Grandpa out a lot! In addition, the fact that he is looking and not touching/chewing the cards here is quite a big deal.

Did you need another angle? I thought so.

We spent almost a whole week up with my family up in Monument.

We didn’t get many pictures of us all together but we did have fun.  I did get a picture of just us three over the New Years visit. I had just gotten my hair cut short when we took this.

New additions

I feel like that smile on Edmund’s face is pure mischief. No?

Well, that’s the end of a beautiful holiday. Onto the next post. 🙂