Walking in a Winter Wonderland…

eyesMy little chunk has seen his first snow already. The cold and wet white stuff falling down from the sky didn’t really seem to phase Edmund much at all. ┬áHe touched it and looked and looked with a lot of interest. However, posing for pics was another thing altogether. Mom and I did get some really nice photos of our snowy romp into the great outdoors.

I am so glad Edmund has his daddy’s!

In other accomplishments: Edmund can now sit up!

Though his balance is sometimes a little off, Matthew and I see him growing stronger every day. Matthew set him up on our big master bed and was surprised to see him stay up on his own. Of course, we got pictures. He seemed pretty happy with himself.


He also loves looking at pictures. (I think that is an achievement. It close to reading right? ;-))


Edmund finally rolled over on camera! Here is a cute picture of him in action!

Also, among Edmund’s many other talents, one of his favorites is sucking on scarves. He was wrapped in a black one recently that made him look like a much less menacing ring-wraith than the ones portrayed in The Lord of the Rings. I wish he could only have come earlier to try out for the part. I think he could have added a lot of depth and dramatic cuteness to the role.

Though there are no more updates I can think of at this time, I shall leave you with a little more cuteness!


Uncle Timothy and Uncle Noah. Babysitters at my service!