Thankful For….

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone. There is so much to be thankful for. Maybe changing poopy diapers, dealing with lots of Edmund’s spit up,  and doing the never ending loads of laundry wouldn’t seem likely to make the list. However, Matthew and I are choosing to look at the happy side of things. This time last year…We found out we were pregnant. 

I remember that last Thanksgiving morning I just didn’t feel like myself at all. We decided to take another test to see if that was it. (The last test was negative.) The results were very positive! I was so excited to tell EVERYONE! I texted Carolyn, who was in London with Tessa at the time, and Nicole, my good friend. Matthew stopped me after that. I agreed to tell no one else except our immediate families until we were sure that I could indeed carry life. This didn’t work out so well since I was had a hard time keeping it to myself. Everyone ended up knowing long before 12 weeks.

And now Edmund is here. He is such a happy, 4-month-old boy! I am sure Matthew and I have our work cut out for us, but I am SO happy to not be pregnant anymore. He has already rolled over, though never on camera. He is laughing more than ever and, as parents, we see it as our personal duty to make him laugh as much and as hard as possible. He especially likes being ticked by Matthew’s beard, being whizzed around like an airplane and having his feet touch his cheeks.

This Thanksgiving day was spent with Matthew’s side of the family. I tried my hand at scalloped potatoes, which turned out really well. The family played games and watched Edmund do his Edmund thing. He was awfully cute (in my humble opinion)! (Which is very biased.) I found out there was such a thing as four-way CHESS and four-way four-in-a-row. I also discovered that the Aden family (including the newest addition) are excellent grazers. There was so much amazing food that went into all of us over the course of the afternoon that I’m surprised that we all fit back through the door again. I am very thankful that time with my in-laws is very enjoyable. We surely do not lack love and support in any way! This is something to be most grateful for!

Now that thanksgiving is over, bring on to Christmas Cheer!

Thanksgiving Post

Thanksgiving Post

Thanksgiving Post

Thanksgiving Post

Thanksgiving Post


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