Bowling with the Family…

The family went bowling this past weekend. Jesse has a girl, Ashleigh, who came to bowl with us. They only met a few short weeks ago, but she has shown her tremendous courage by voluntarily meeting most of the family within that time. I found out today that she doesn’t like red chili either, so I think that with such good taste going for her, she will fit in nicely. 😉

This would be Edmund’s first bowling experience. I doubt he was very thrilled at the prospect. His absent minded mother didn’t think about the fact that feeding time might be drawing near right about the time the first game started. This meant for an interesting feeding experience. I think he enjoyed hanging out with his Grandma and Grandpa though. I got my best game score EVER this time around. I still can’t believe I got over a hundred. I had to take a picture of the score board because I don’t think I shall ever have a repeat performance.

A few days before, Matthew and I went dancing at the Baker Ball. We had a blast and are sad the dances are ending. These dances were a big deal during my high school years and now it hits me again how much life has changed: A few minutes ago I was a freshman begging to take classes at CHESS, and here I am graduated from college with a husband and a son. In a couple more blinks I’ll be loosing my teeth and wondering why no one ever visits me at the home. (Well, hopefully not. :-)) I pray that by the time I’m an old, widowed, knitting, cat lady, Edmund is big enough to take me in. He already has a good start on the growing up part.

He is growing to be a very fat and healthy little manlet. He has an overabundance of chins and quite the little milk belly that just begs to be poked and tickled. One of my chief delights is making him laugh and smile. He especially loves being sung to and read to and I do both often. ‘I’m a Bow-legged Chicken’, ‘Deep and Wide’, and ‘Be Thou My Vision’ are a few favorites already. He can now sit up with us at meals, provided he is in his little Bumbo chair. He grabs onto things (like hair! OUCH!) and brings them up to his outstretched tongue to test them out. He apparently finds hair and spoons to be acceptable, while plastic bowls and felt hammers are definitely OFF the menu. 🙂

Matthew continues to work on his Masters in Educational Leadership. Though it means that he works most nights either planning for CHESS classes or working on his CCU classes,  he and I find peace with the knowledge that all his amazing work and sacrifice shall pay off in the end.

I am also trying to broaden my horizons. Thus far, I have loved being a stay at home mother to Edmund. It is such a joy to spend time with him while having few other commitments. But all good things can’t last forever. I am still going to be a semi- stay at home mom, but I am looking at substitute teaching/tutoring at other schools nearby to earn a little extra on the side for before mentioned masters program. I am rather excited at the prospect of teaching in the classroom a couple times a month and I don’t think Edmund will mind spending more quality time with his Aunty every once in a while. I hope that I can honor God in my teaching and caring for my family.



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