From Generation to Generation…

I think my journey to getting all these generation photos has, thus far, been really rewarding. Since, of course, I never grew up with Matthew’s side of the family, I have really enjoyed getting to know his more distant relatives. The most recent photoshoot was with Edmund’s Great-Great Grandma (Carrie Aden). She is a very lively lady who enjoys telling stories about her life in her home community. I hope that when I am at such an age, I will have a good memory. (But then again, who doesn’t wish for that?)


I really appreciate this picture with all five generations represented. I don’t remember exactly what was so funny in the first one, but I like the joy that I see on everyone’s face. Well, except Edmund’s of course. He wasn’t feeling the joyful spirit at that particular moment. I believe he was just hanging on to the last threads of wakefulness.



P.S. Nice arm Chauncey. 🙂


2 thoughts on “From Generation to Generation…

  1. I was wondering where you all headed off to after church. Nice to see you got those pictures in while you can! Gotta take advantage of every opportunity…But you clearly know this already.

    As you got pregnant and then became a parent, it has been interesting watching you go on this journey from non-photographer/non-documentor-of-life to the opposite. It’s a good thing, and hopefully something you will keep up. 🙂

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    • I would say she documented in some ways with the videos she took with the boys, and took a shine to photography around 15. I wonder if it was more that she was so busy with work and school that the documenting of life was put on the back burner for a time rather than a reluctance to do so. 🙂


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