Edmund’s Baptism

We were so blessed to have our family come out in full force for Edmund’s Baptism. We were sure packing pews this morning because both his and my immediate family came as well as Grandma and Grandpa Aden and Grandma Cassidy. We certainly felt lots of love as our beloved son was proclaimed a disciple of our family. (No pressure). Of course, we won’t do it at all perfectly. That is why it is so meaningful to have the support of the family along the way.


It was really, all around, a good day. After service, we all trouped over to a park where we ate tacos and fellowshipped. I finally got some family pictures! I am really on the warpath when it comes to taking pictures now. I have become quite the sentimental sop. It some ways I know that this part of myself is annoying to others, but I hope they appreciate it when they look back with fondness at that long distant time.



One thought on “Edmund’s Baptism

  1. I do not think most people feel annoyed. In fact, unless you have heard something specific from someone, I really doubt anyone is. For the few people in your life who you just know do not like being photographed, just get them into the pictures for the really important mile markers….so next would be highschool graduation?


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