Like Father, Like Son…

Matthew and I are thankful that we could go to my parents house for a visit. Matthew was gone all weekend to Glenn Erie for a leadership conference.

But I, I got to can tomatoes, watch ‘The Flash’, and eat Mod pizza with the family.  I really am enjoying catching up, but I am starting to see a theme. They keep looking at me and telling me one of two things. 1. Your baby is so cute! You make good babies. 2. I can’t believe you are a parent!

I have to say the latter one still shocks even me! Who would have thunk that I would be married with a baby right now. I think it still needs to sink in. It doesn’t seem weird when many of my friends all up and got themselves married. And of course it wasn’t a huge surprise when babies followed. But now,  I’m not babysitting anyone’s child. I’m responsible for my very own little one: showing him the face of Christ. That’s a heavy weight when you think about it. May God give me grace.

While we were here, I got the opportunity to take Edmund’s 2 month picture along with some great photos of Matthew and Edmund together. I thought they were pretty rad. We are so grateful to have had Edmund for the past two months. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Like Father, Like Son…

  1. Adorable! I love the hats (of course) glad the trend/look of “the dapper man” is strong in your house too. Where did you get his tiny little hat? Did you pin it? I had to pin all of Fletch’s till about 3months.


  2. Rose, that one of Edmund just about asleep on Matthew’s shoulder is really great! Frame worthy, I think. And I echo Jenny’s comment that I am glad you like dressing him up like a little gentleman. As comfy as those fuzzy pajamas are, you get to teach him early that there is more to life than sweats and a t-shirt. 😛


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