The Evolution of Changing Clothes…

I know people told me that when you become a mother you loose sleep, energy, time, and gain a lot of laundry. Well, when Edmund was a couple of days old, I was beginning to think the last item was a myth. Laundry? I could practically keep Edmund in the same outfit for days. (If I didn’t have to get through all the Newborn stuff before he grew out of it.)

However, my ideas have been a-changing. It’s only been a month and a half and I now see what the other moms were talkin’ ’bout. Now, ordinarily, it goes like so:

1. Do all the laundry, fold and put away. Man! Edmund got all sweaty in his nap blanket. Change clothes.

2.  Sweat can’t hurt him. We all perspire. Goodness Gracious! Edmund got milk all over himself when he ate. Change clothes.

3. Milk can only smell bad when it goes bad. That will take at least a day, right? Oh, My! He just spit up all over himself! That smells bad. Change clothes.

4. We aren’t going anywhere, he has 3 outfits left for the week and I don’t have time to do another load. We’ll just wipe up this little spit-up mess and move on with life. No harm done….is that pee? Bath time. Change clothes.

5. Pee is ‘technically’ sterile. He has already gone through three outfits today. Does it have poop? Okay good. Oh Dear. Explosion! *sigh* bath time and change clothes.

6. Well, it was just a spot of poo… Ahhhh! I guess blowout number 2 means Edmund gets to be free of such things like ‘clothing’ till the clothes come out of the drier.

So, for anyone who wasn’t listening to people’s advice, know it’s all true. But it doesn’t have to hurt. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Is it poop or pee? Change him (if possible).
  2. If it’s anything else-assess quantity and make judgment call. Anything livable should be left for at least 10 minutes to make sure he doesn’t have a blowout after you just finished changing him/her.

When you go out, it is much more complicated. It requires a little more thought.

  1. His shirt is soaked with spit up. Go ahead and change clothes. (Good for you! Nice job bringing extras! Also, you are only out between feedings so what else could possibly  go wrong?)
  2. Somehow, he overflowed his diaper. Change clothes back to Spit up clothes. Pee is worse than spit up, right?
  3. Explosion Express comes into the station. Change him back to other clothing. Pee is less worse than spit-up plus poop.
  4. Explosion again? Which outfit has less excrement on it? Go with that outfit.

Your welcome.

Edmund does like baths. *Notice: Even though his face is very serious, he isn’t crying and now even smiles during bath time. (Not pictured) I’m glad this isn’t torture since he seems to love exploding so much. (Or is trying to tell to me to get more absorbent diapers.)



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