Such Cuteness Can’t Be Contained…

To all those folks who need a little extra cuteness in their lives, I’m here for you. Edmund has made it so I no longer have room on my phone for anything any more. I recently took pictures of him styling his new attire when, all of a sudden, the awful warning message appeared yet again: you have no more storage left on your phone. The phone has the audacity to bring this up at a time when Edmund is smiling and happy. I deleted everything non-essential off my phone to make more room. (Who needs any of those apps when the photo of your son is at stake?) Well, Apple has no feelings toward the mother’s heart or sentimentality.

And Matthew wouldn’t help. Here was his damsel in distress and he sat by and watched it all happen.


I still did get some photos shot before that fateful and despised message plagued my screen. So enjoy. I hope for some miracle that will give me more storage here soon.




One thought on “Such Cuteness Can’t Be Contained…

  1. Oh goodness! He was really milking it! Glad you finally found a hat. The hat, the bear, the plaid, the button-up shirt…it all makes him look just how a little boy ought to look! I am thrilled I get to see him tomorrow…although clearly he is not in need of another photo shoot since you already got such a good one!

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