How DO I Do It?

I have people look at me with bug-eyed horror or disbelief when I tell them I’m teaching again, even though my baby is a month and a half old. Well, it’s real tough. I get up on Wednesday morning, I feed my munchkin, I hand him over to my sister, and leave to teach. (leaving the diaper changing, burping and care up to her..hehehehehe…) I then come back home at lunch time and feed my little man again and all is back to the way it was. It’s not that I don’t love or think about my child.

I understand that it is hard to leave your baby (Even for a morning) in the care of some person while you go off and work. It is actually heartbreaking for those people who do work all the time and have to hand their kids off, day in and day out, to strangers at a daycare. A friend of mine was married, pregnant, had a toddler, worked two jobs, and was finishing up her college degree in business. Now juggling all that is what I call winning at life. That is what I would find hard. But for one morning? Naw. He will live. (I hope…)

So, thats how I accomplished a rather little, insignificant thing in life. YAY me!


One thought on “How DO I Do It?

  1. You are an inspiration to the masses. It’s no wonder you and Matthew are a household name all over the world: like…bacon and eggs.


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