A Birth Announcement Finally…

Well peeps,

I have finally put together a rag tag birth announcement for those that care. Maybe some day I shall look back upon it with fond affection. But for right now, I feel like it took MUCH to much effort. Just think how much more effort it would have been to print them all out, stick them into envelopes, stamp and address them. Phew. I feel tired just thinking about all that torture. Ain’t nobody got time for dat! (Well, unless you do and then more power to you.) 🙂

So, therefore, those who read this blog will be the lofty few who can see this miracle of all miracles. I hope you won’t expect it again because 1.) Edmund could very likely be an only child or 2.) I will be much to busy doing life by the time the second child falls on out. (Haha. Did you see what I did? Falls out. Thats funny right there. Hahahahaha……ha…..*goes into the bathroom and cries*)

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 10.19.00 AM.png


One thought on “A Birth Announcement Finally…

  1. I take it that you are throwing over the brain wave to print and send some to the shoe-stringers, rellies, ‘rents, and grand ‘rents as official keepsakes?


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