Immortalizing family…

Well, I finally have a fourth generation photo! I thought they turned out rather well, to be honest. It was really nice to have my Granny over for a visit. She absolutely adores Edmund and thinks he is quite cute. (I think the fact that he smiled every time she held him or would look into his car seat helped quite a bit in the cuteness department.)

My mother came as well and was offered the customary smiles we now come to treasure! I’m so glad he is smiling. If my heart didn’t melt already with knowing that he is mine, it certainly couldn’t resist more of Edmund’s charm. I try to encourage it as much as possible.

The sad thing about smiles though, is that you don’t know when they are coming, and you don’t know when they will leave. Often times, when he is giving me one of his wide grins, by the time I grab my phone and get it to the right place, the smile is gone and a look of serious contemplation takes its place. However, I still keep trying. (But one can only watch like a hawk for him to pander to my wishes for so long.) He apparently wants the world to know his opinion of my taking pictures of him all the time.

But one soldiers on…


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