A Night of Mystery…

When it comes to planning parties, I am usually quite proficient. They aren’t grand or fantastic by any means. However, they are fun and people usually enjoy them. However, a baby changes things when it comes to the proficient part. When people say a baby takes half of your brain, they weren’t kidding. But what I still haven’t come to terms with is simplifying down life and thus making it so there is not so much to forget. Well, for the Night of Mystery Party I hosted, there were a lot if forgotten things.

I forgot the chicken for the Alfredo.

Someone forgot a salad they were to bring.

I forgot to put a speech in someone’s envelope.

And I accidently forgot I am a mom with a breastfed baby and wore a dress that you couldn’t feed in without completely taking it off.

And yet the party was a smashing success. In spite of all of my blunders, no one cared. The people were there, not for me, or for salad and chicken or for a perfect party. They where there for my friends birthday. It really is the people that make the party. We all had a marvelous time.

I especially loved how people dressed up and acted. The theme was 40’s wedding. I think it is rather wierd to act in real time. But it is also rather fun and exciting. This might be the first mystery night of many, but I’m glad the first was for a special occasion and that such gracious and fun people were invited.



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