My Little Listener…

Edmund doesn’t like sleep much in the day. Therefore, it doesn’t take long for him to get cranky about having to go to sleep. And, boy, if he knows his little eyelids are closing he will keep them open as long as he possibly can. So it takes skill to finally lull him to the shores of blissful slumber. (He does sleep though, thankfully.Everyone is cranky without enough sleep.)

This means, though, that I don’t get much done, I DO get to read a lot and play with my son. We have thus far read through two ‘Winnie -the-Pooh’ books and ‘Mr. Popper’s Penguins’. I often, when I don’t feel like he really needs a good children’s story, just read whatever I am reading at that moment. He has listened through blog posts, devotions, instructions on how to put his play-crib together, math adventure stories, and much more literature besides. I figure that while he doesn’t have the option to wiggle around and be bored, I’ll read him things I think he should read or I want to read. I’ll keep ‘Go Dog, Go’ and “Goodnight Moon” for later down the road when his attention span can’t handle a full page with no pictures.

Being an Elementary teacher, I am hoping this helps grow a love of listening. I know its silly to think that through some reading his find things, he will suddenly reach 1 year and be understanding and loving the great British authors. But, I do hope that he will develop the love of sitting and listening to my voice, and as that grows it will eventually evolve listening to my voice and story. How else can an imagination be built? I don’t think it happens by accident, but must be cultivated with the world as it is today.


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