Edmund’s First Expotition…

When is the right time to start camping? Well, for Edmund, he started roughing it at age 1 month. Of course, I don’t mean by this we slept under a tree by night and backpacked through the mountains by day. We simply went up and visited my mom and dad for a few days while they were up at a campground near us. They brought their camper/trailer, so we stayed in there and Edmund took up residence in the bathtub. I brought along a travel bassinet that fit perfectly as a makeshift crib.

It was so nice to be up in the cold crisp mountain air! I think its nice to be able to drive hour and find yourself up where it is beautiful and quiet. I don’t think many people have that privilege. I can’t say I took long walks or any strenuous. I merely read, fed, and looked out at God’s great creation. What more can one ask for? (Oh, and I took a couple of pictures.)



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