Edmund is a Month Old…

I can’t believe that a month has just flown by! Edmund is already a month old! Of course, I had to try and take a picture. We shall see how long this lasts, but if you can’t start at one, its awfully hard to start afterward.

Thus far, he hasn’t done much other than the usual. (Eat, sleep and play). His doctor’s visit says he is very healthy (Praise God), and he doesn’t see any problems. So I guess I just keep on going with what I am doing. We are trying to teach him the difference between day and night, so this means we play after feeding during the day and we don’t at night. After a little while, being at a good weight and all, he started sleeping a nice long stretch through the night. (Happy Day!) Though I think a new mom can never get enough sleep, I think that a new mom can be VERY thankful for a stretch of un-interupted sleep when it is offered.

He is gaining more control over his neck and head. (Strength isn’t everything.) I find it hilarious that at the doctor’s office, the doc told Edmund he was at the legal limit for number of chins and if he was going to grow anymore, he should get the required permits. Haha. Edmund shows them off to great effect I think.


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