The Evolution of Changing Clothes…

I know people told me that when you become a mother you loose sleep, energy, time, and gain a lot of laundry. Well, when Edmund was a couple of days old, I was beginning to think the last item was a myth. Laundry? I could practically keep Edmund in the same outfit for days. (If I didn’t have to get through all the Newborn stuff before he grew out of it.)

However, my ideas have been a-changing. It’s only been a month and a half and I now see what the other moms were talkin’ ’bout. Now, ordinarily, it goes like so:

1. Do all the laundry, fold and put away. Man! Edmund got all sweaty in his nap blanket. Change clothes.

2.  Sweat can’t hurt him. We all perspire. Goodness Gracious! Edmund got milk all over himself when he ate. Change clothes.

3. Milk can only smell bad when it goes bad. That will take at least a day, right? Oh, My! He just spit up all over himself! That smells bad. Change clothes.

4. We aren’t going anywhere, he has 3 outfits left for the week and I don’t have time to do another load. We’ll just wipe up this little spit-up mess and move on with life. No harm done….is that pee? Bath time. Change clothes.

5. Pee is ‘technically’ sterile. He has already gone through three outfits today. Does it have poop? Okay good. Oh Dear. Explosion! *sigh* bath time and change clothes.

6. Well, it was just a spot of poo… Ahhhh! I guess blowout number 2 means Edmund gets to be free of such things like ‘clothing’ till the clothes come out of the drier.

So, for anyone who wasn’t listening to people’s advice, know it’s all true. But it doesn’t have to hurt. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Is it poop or pee? Change him (if possible).
  2. If it’s anything else-assess quantity and make judgment call. Anything livable should be left for at least 10 minutes to make sure he doesn’t have a blowout after you just finished changing him/her.

When you go out, it is much more complicated. It requires a little more thought.

  1. His shirt is soaked with spit up. Go ahead and change clothes. (Good for you! Nice job bringing extras! Also, you are only out between feedings so what else could possibly  go wrong?)
  2. Somehow, he overflowed his diaper. Change clothes back to Spit up clothes. Pee is worse than spit up, right?
  3. Explosion Express comes into the station. Change him back to other clothing. Pee is less worse than spit-up plus poop.
  4. Explosion again? Which outfit has less excrement on it? Go with that outfit.

Your welcome.

Edmund does like baths. *Notice: Even though his face is very serious, he isn’t crying and now even smiles during bath time. (Not pictured) I’m glad this isn’t torture since he seems to love exploding so much. (Or is trying to tell to me to get more absorbent diapers.)



Such Cuteness Can’t Be Contained…

To all those folks who need a little extra cuteness in their lives, I’m here for you. Edmund has made it so I no longer have room on my phone for anything any more. I recently took pictures of him styling his new attire when, all of a sudden, the awful warning message appeared yet again: you have no more storage left on your phone. The phone has the audacity to bring this up at a time when Edmund is smiling and happy. I deleted everything non-essential off my phone to make more room. (Who needs any of those apps when the photo of your son is at stake?) Well, Apple has no feelings toward the mother’s heart or sentimentality.

And Matthew wouldn’t help. Here was his damsel in distress and he sat by and watched it all happen.


I still did get some photos shot before that fateful and despised message plagued my screen. So enjoy. I hope for some miracle that will give me more storage here soon.



How DO I Do It?

I have people look at me with bug-eyed horror or disbelief when I tell them I’m teaching again, even though my baby is a month and a half old. Well, it’s real tough. I get up on Wednesday morning, I feed my munchkin, I hand him over to my sister, and leave to teach. (leaving the diaper changing, burping and care up to her..hehehehehe…) I then come back home at lunch time and feed my little man again and all is back to the way it was. It’s not that I don’t love or think about my child.

I understand that it is hard to leave your baby (Even for a morning) in the care of some person while you go off and work. It is actually heartbreaking for those people who do work all the time and have to hand their kids off, day in and day out, to strangers at a daycare. A friend of mine was married, pregnant, had a toddler, worked two jobs, and was finishing up her college degree in business. Now juggling all that is what I call winning at life. That is what I would find hard. But for one morning? Naw. He will live. (I hope…)

So, thats how I accomplished a rather little, insignificant thing in life. YAY me!

Who does Edmund look like…?

Well, I still am not certain which parent our dear Edmund looks more like. I have heard many explanations concerning both sides. Well, here is a picture of both of us and a picture of him. I think you can see the answer for yourselves.



No? Not so obvious you say? Well, I suppose I can understand how you feel. I feel the same most days. Edmund always keeps me guessing in this department. Who DOES he look more like? Well, I suppose I’m comparing big with little. Let me go back a ways.

Here is me as a little child.



IMG_0525 copy.jpg

Here is Matthew:




And Edmund:




If you are still not sure, maybe having it all lined up will help.







My Grandma recently sent me a picture of my father as a baby. Edmund doesn’t have to look like us, but like my or Matthew’s parents, I suppose.


Yeah, I’m not sure that was helpful.

How about a car seat shot?





Oh bummer. No car seat shot of me. Mom??? Did I just bounce around in the back somewhere on the way home from the hospital?

Well, no worries. At least I now know why I turned out the way I did. Guhuhahahuhhahuh… 

IMG_9995 copy.jpg

A Birth Announcement Finally…

Well peeps,

I have finally put together a rag tag birth announcement for those that care. Maybe some day I shall look back upon it with fond affection. But for right now, I feel like it took MUCH to much effort. Just think how much more effort it would have been to print them all out, stick them into envelopes, stamp and address them. Phew. I feel tired just thinking about all that torture. Ain’t nobody got time for dat! (Well, unless you do and then more power to you.) 🙂

So, therefore, those who read this blog will be the lofty few who can see this miracle of all miracles. I hope you won’t expect it again because 1.) Edmund could very likely be an only child or 2.) I will be much to busy doing life by the time the second child falls on out. (Haha. Did you see what I did? Falls out. Thats funny right there. Hahahahaha……ha…..*goes into the bathroom and cries*)

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 10.19.00 AM.png

Immortalizing family…

Well, I finally have a fourth generation photo! I thought they turned out rather well, to be honest. It was really nice to have my Granny over for a visit. She absolutely adores Edmund and thinks he is quite cute. (I think the fact that he smiled every time she held him or would look into his car seat helped quite a bit in the cuteness department.)

My mother came as well and was offered the customary smiles we now come to treasure! I’m so glad he is smiling. If my heart didn’t melt already with knowing that he is mine, it certainly couldn’t resist more of Edmund’s charm. I try to encourage it as much as possible.

The sad thing about smiles though, is that you don’t know when they are coming, and you don’t know when they will leave. Often times, when he is giving me one of his wide grins, by the time I grab my phone and get it to the right place, the smile is gone and a look of serious contemplation takes its place. However, I still keep trying. (But one can only watch like a hawk for him to pander to my wishes for so long.) He apparently wants the world to know his opinion of my taking pictures of him all the time.

But one soldiers on…

A Night of Mystery…

When it comes to planning parties, I am usually quite proficient. They aren’t grand or fantastic by any means. However, they are fun and people usually enjoy them. However, a baby changes things when it comes to the proficient part. When people say a baby takes half of your brain, they weren’t kidding. But what I still haven’t come to terms with is simplifying down life and thus making it so there is not so much to forget. Well, for the Night of Mystery Party I hosted, there were a lot if forgotten things.

I forgot the chicken for the Alfredo.

Someone forgot a salad they were to bring.

I forgot to put a speech in someone’s envelope.

And I accidently forgot I am a mom with a breastfed baby and wore a dress that you couldn’t feed in without completely taking it off.

And yet the party was a smashing success. In spite of all of my blunders, no one cared. The people were there, not for me, or for salad and chicken or for a perfect party. They where there for my friends birthday. It really is the people that make the party. We all had a marvelous time.

I especially loved how people dressed up and acted. The theme was 40’s wedding. I think it is rather wierd to act in real time. But it is also rather fun and exciting. This might be the first mystery night of many, but I’m glad the first was for a special occasion and that such gracious and fun people were invited.