Having a Little Man

Edmund Mark is quite the little man. Matthew and I love him dearly. Yes, we get less sleep and have a significant rise in dirty diapers since he was born, but he is so precious and quite the serious soul already. All the family has come to see and adore him. The Grandparents are especially happy for their first grandchild. Carolyn has been esspecially good about documenting his first moments and days of life. At the hospital we had many visitors and when we were finally released, we had more at our home. It was wonderful to be surrounded by such loving people who wanted to share these moments with us.

Mom came and stayed with Matthew, Edmund and I for the first couple weeks. She was a wonderful blessing. She even canned me some peaches when she was here. I am quite well stocked now for the winter! Horray!

Edmund thus far has been eating well. He quickly gained his birthweight back and now is quite the big guy. He resists sleep quite frequently (as did his father, I am told) and so he and I spend a lot of awake time together. His eyes are such a beautiful blue at this moment. His hair is a white blond. This being the case, you can’t see hair on his head or his eye brows.

Though he looks a lot like his Father, he wakes up like me. (When he does finally sleep). This means that it takes a good ten minutes of stretching and trying to not get up for as long as possible. Good thing he doesn’t have a day job…and I don’t as well. He loves to stretch and lay on my chest, looking around. His head and neck are pretty strong and have been from birth. I shall never forget little Edmund being seconds old being set on my chest for the first time. His head didn’t even touch my chest at first because he was raising it and using his arms to push off.

It became very clear that he loves using his strong back muscles. He arches his back, folding in half regularly, and has even rolled over a couple of times. He just arches his back and pushed off with his legs and arms and *juup* his is over. Mom Aden tells me this is exactly just like his Daddy so I guess its not to uncommon. I’m just happy that he is growing well and becoming a study little boy. What more can a mama ask?


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