To Make Memories…

I was so happy to have a baby bump photo shoot! A dear friend of mine took us out to a lake in Loveland and took pictures of Matthew, Sir Baby, and I. The grass was really high and rather prickly at times, but it really was worth it.

I keep thinking to myself that I shouldn’t do things for Sir Baby #1 that I won’t be doing, most likely, for subsequent babies. This includes baby books, pictures and the like. However, I have come to terms with the fact that Sir Baby will just have a more documented life and I will do what I can for each baby afterwards. So, I am thankful that I got these pictures, even if I never do take any more for as long as I live. In light of that, I have done a baby scrapbook up for the coming baby, and made his nursery as customized as I can. (Living in an apartment doesn’t cater itself to much decorating).

So, without further ado…..PICTURES. Credits are to WishArt photography. (Except the ones of the nursery, of course. I wouldn’t blame that bad lighting on anyone.)


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