To Make Memories…

I was so happy to have a baby bump photo shoot! A dear friend of mine took us out to a lake in Loveland and took pictures of Matthew, Sir Baby, and I. The grass was really high and rather prickly at times, but it really was worth it.

I keep thinking to myself that I shouldn’t do things for Sir Baby #1 that I won’t be doing, most likely, for subsequent babies. This includes baby books, pictures and the like. However, I have come to terms with the fact that Sir Baby will just have a more documented life and I will do what I can for each baby afterwards. So, I am thankful that I got these pictures, even if I never do take any more for as long as I live. In light of that, I have done a baby scrapbook up for the coming baby, and made his nursery as customized as I can. (Living in an apartment doesn’t cater itself to much decorating).

So, without further ado…..PICTURES. Credits are to WishArt photography. (Except the ones of the nursery, of course. I wouldn’t blame that bad lighting on anyone.)


Oh, the baby bump…

My father told me just this past weekend that he doesn’t understand why pregnant women think they are fat. No man, he claims, jumps to ‘fat’ when they think of someone growing life. Since my dutiful husband was sitting there nodding in agreement next to me, I felt a little ashamed. I certainly had bemoaned many a time about how I felt like a beached whale. How could a man not think “fat, fat the water rat”? However, it wasn’t because I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, ‘Wow! How fat!” It really was because of how I felt,  and not the way I looked. I think when any girl has to think to herself before getting….erm, excuse me,….rolling out of bed, “One, two, three…launch *umph*”, they think of themselves as big. If it was just the belly that grew and not also the arms, thighs and face (double chins included), it might be more understandable to think of ones-self as a baby-cooker and not a fat baby-cooker. But I honestly think it is good to know that men can really mean it when they say you aren’t fat. Just remind yourself of that next time it comes around 32 weeks and its a trial to work your way out of a couch.

For right now, I am done being pregnant! So many times (Matthew can attest) I felt like shaking my fist at Eve for wrecking it all for the rest of women-kind. I loved feeling Edmund kicking and moving around inside, but can honestly say that everything else was not as fun. I am very happy to have had the experience of being pregnant. Though I often complain about the emotional rollercoaster, the morning sickness, the exhaustion, feeling my arm and thigh flab knocking around, not being able to bend over etc., I know that I did go through it and now I can empathize with other people. It was an experience. But thankfully the Lord has mercy and ordained pregnancy only lasts for 9 months.

Though I am not one who takes pictures often, I actually did take baby bump pictures throughout my pregnancy. Not every week, of course, but only when I felt like I had changed a bit. I really didn’t even show much till week 24 or so and then *pop!* I think its pretty evident from the pictures.